Mobile Trike Dyno Tuning

Trike dyno-tuning on our mobile trike dyno trailer.

Trike owners have often asked "Where can I get dyno tuning for my trike?"  Most places are set up to either tune motorcycles or cars.  Horst Power Performance's mobile dyno tuning is specifically equipt for trike dyno tuning.

trike dynotuning

Dynojet 250ix has been designed for testing and tuning of not only motorcycles, but also trikes. A second drum allows both rear wheels to turn at the same time. This gives accurate measurements of horsepower and torque. The 250ix also has the ability to put various loads on the engine to simulate different road conditions. There are two O2 sensors for monitoring the air/fuel ratio. On twin cylinder engines this cuts the testing and tuning in half by being able to monitor both cylinders at the same time..

When motorcycles are converted to trikes one of the most common components that is changed, is the exhaust system. A different exhaust changes how much air is flowing through engine. The ECM cannot compensate for that change and the engine will not be running in the best air/fuel range. This is why a fuel management system is needed to provide correct amount of fuel to match the air flow. Some of these systems come with pre programmed maps that were set up for the engine when it was a motorcycle. Now that it has been converted to a trike these maps may not be correct. With the dyno a custom map can be built that matches the exact set up of the trike..

Horst Power Performance can tune your trike. We have the dynojet 250ix installed on a trailer which allows us to travel to different locations. Check our schedule to see if we are in your area or call us at 1-407-733-1261. We can also come to your location if it is cost effective. 

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