Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

Dynojet 250ix has been designed for  testing and tuning of  motorcycles. The dyno gives accurate measurements of horsepower and torque. The 250ix also has the ability to put various loads on the engine to simulate different road conditions. There are two O2 sensors for monitoring the air/fuel ratio. On twin cylinder engines this cuts the testing and tuning in half by being able to monitor both cylinders at the same time.

motorcycle dynotuning

When motorcycle components are changed or modified, it changes the air flow through the engine, which affects the air/ fuel ratio.   A different exhaust, air filter, or cams are some of the most common changes that are made.  Whether the vehicle is carbureted or fuel injected the amount of fuel needs to match the air flow for the engine to be running in the best air/fuel range. This is why a fuel management system is needed to provide correct amount of fuel to match the air flow. On a carbureted engine jetting changes are required. On fuel injection engines a fuel management system such as a power commander is required. Some of these systems come with pre programmed maps that were made for a similar motorcycle or they were made in a different part of the country where riding conditions are different. Each engine has its own characteristics and the best way to ensure the engine is at peak performance is to build a custom map. With the dyno a custom map can be built that matches the exact set up of the motorcycle.Horst Power Performance can tune your motorcycle.

We have the dynojet 250ix installed on a trailer which allows us to travel to different locations. Check our schedule to see if we are in your area. We can also come to your location if it is cost effective.

Here is a video of a run we just finished at Daytona Bike Week 

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